Why You Should Buy NFTs in 2022/23

David Mania
3 min readMar 31, 2022


NFTs are the in-thing right now. They are hot digital assets that will only become rare in the future and accrue greatly in value. Think of the current NFT wave as the early days of cryptocurrencies where those that were early adopters got the first and biggest pieces of the pie.

A lady polishing her nails beside a bitcoin and a phone showing bitcoin trade graphs. Why You Should Buy NFTs in 2022/23.
Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and NFTs are an artistic way to get a piece of the pie. Source: Pexels

What is an NFT?

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a digitally signed piece of art or artwork that can only be owned by a single entity or person. NFTs present an emergent way for people to own art with a digital signature on the blockchain that verifies them as the only owner of a digital form of a work of art. Think of it this way, it’s like owning an original Van Gogh with a digital signature on the blockchain that verifies you are the owner and the only one who can sell it if you so choose.

A geometrical diamond shaped metal art enclosed in a crystal.
An NFT can be any digital multimedia with an artistic twist. Source: Pexels

The Value of NFTs

The biggest value of NFTs is ownership. They give you ownership of works of art through the blockchain meaning that your ownership cannot be refuted or forged. NFTs also present value in their artistic form and impact. For instance, a riveting sculpture NFT can exude emotion and inspire courage or valor for as long as it exists. NFTs also provide the unique value that they are digital and can be experienced digitally. A good example is a Virtual Reality (VR) NFT whose owner can experience it in the virtual world.

An NFT featuring a sun bathing spot in a lake with stone steps going out to it. Why You Should Buy NFTs in 2022/23.
NFTs are valuable because they give verifiable ownership to the buyer of the art. Source: Pexels

Are NFTs Too Expensive?

NFTs are priced as per the value the owner believes the work is worth. Think of it this way, if Van Gogh said his painting was worth $100 million, wouldn’t you want to buy it at that price or even higher? Isn’t the ultimate way of paying homage to an artist buying their work at the price or value they believe it is worth? Looking at it that way, then NFTs are not really expensive. They are at par with the value of the artwork as it is the price the owner, artist, or creator believes it to be worth.

A man putting a bitcoin in his pocket.
The price of an NFT is set by its creator or artist and represents the value they believe it is worth. Source: Pexels

David Mania NFTs

David Mania NFTs are my own digital art forms and works that I have created as part of my venture into crypto. David Mania NFTs are part of David Mania Crypto and are the new renaissance of my art and photography works. NFTs by David Mania are available on OpenSea and can be bought and bid on there.

An NFT artwork by David Mania titled ‘A Million Kisses’. Why You Should Buy NFTs in 2022/23.
A Million Kisses NFT by David Mania. Source: David Mania NFT

What has David Mania Been Up to?

The last few months have been amazing for us as we have created a new blog Mania Developers — www.maniadevelopers.com — WordPress Development and SEO. We have also created our new e-commerce store Mania Drip — https://shop.maniadrip.com — Apparel and Shoe Store. These are amazing ventures that are part of the new frontier of our evolving content creation. Enjoy and connect with us. You can find David Mania on www.davidmania.com and also on https://linktr.ee/davidmania. Here’s one of our products on Mania Drip Store.



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